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Greek olive oil

With the name “KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” we come to seal the top quality and purity in several Greek products, which we intend to export to several countries around the world.

Greece is a country with a long history and tradition in excellent quality raw materials, as well as incredible and unique local products, which is the basis and the main reason for the creation of the Mediterranean diet. A diet that is constantly expanding around the globe, as the top diet one can follow.

Our goal and our vision is to collect the best products produced on Hellenic Land, in collaboration with the appropriately selected partners from every corner of Greece, who aim to produce quality products.

Thus, we will support small and large Greek producers, while simultaneously channel potential customers in any country of the world, wherever they may be.

Some of the main products that you will find with us, are pure virgin and extra virgin olive oil, olives of various varieties and dimensions, Thyme honey including varieties with herbs and of course numerous variety of products found on our website.

KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” exports products only in the form of wholesale, with shipping potential from one pallet, to as many containers as you wish. We thrive in hard work asit brings the best results, both in the products and for the consumer constantly satisfied.

We are the most qualified partner that a company could have in Greece. How about you?

The Mediterranean diet and cuisine is based on the right and excellent raw materials, which are also miraculous for our health...

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